Regex to change version in the manifest


When you build the project, the regex in the targets file changes version fields. When reusing/adapting the targets file for module projects, developers will need to make this change manually and correct the other version fields in the manifests.
This is not an issue with the webcontrols package, but an alternate regex may be added and commented out to allow for devs that want the targets file to work with their project modules (for example the silverlight template) and only change the version node. An alternate regex example is:
    <FileUpdate Files="@(dnnFile)" Regex="&lt;version&gt;.*" ReplacementText="&lt;version&gt;$(Major).$(Minor).$(Build).$(Revision)&lt;/version&gt;" />
If multiple modules are integrated in the manifest, they will all use the same version number. This regex will not work in scenarios that need different versions for each module.