change of treeView control in DotNetNuke.WebControls


to let show treeView as site navigation that looks like MSDN navigation tree (see for example http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ywdtth2f.aspx
there is couple of ways to achieve this look but no one is possible withou treeView code modify ;-(
advantage of this update is that tree without folder image can have smaller padding and also saves space on screen without loose of readibility.
personaly I prefer some new property ShowFolders (true/false), that hides folder image for non leaf nodes. In this case leaf node image can be vertically aligned with expand collapse image (see attachment). This solution enables nice effect where instead of simple leaf node dot image can be its original image.
More proper solution is probably to define 2 new props ShowFolders and leafNodeExpCollapseSymbol, but this will lost beauty of solution described above.

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